How to Choose TikTok Ad Formats

How to Choose TikTok Ad Formats


How to choose TikTok ad formats, brands need to understand how this new social media platform works and how best to use it. Whether you’re interested in using TikTok to promote an event or drive sales, there are six different ad formats that you can choose from. In this article, we will take a closer look at each type of ad and what makes it unique. We will also discuss some best practices for creating TikTok ads that are effective and align with your business goals.

TikTok TopView Ads

The most popular ad format on the platform, TopView ads are unskippable full-screen video ads that appear as part of a user’s For You feed and can feature up to 35 product images. They are ideal for brands that want to showcase a variety of products and drive brand awareness. These ads are a great fit for CPG companies, as well as brands that have high-level creative assets to repurpose.

In-feed TikTok Ads

In-feed ads are video ads that autoplay in a user’s For You feed and allow them to like, comment, and share the ad. These ads can be 5-60 seconds long and are a great option for brands that want to increase engagement on the platform or drive website traffic. In-feed ads are a great fit for all types of businesses, but tend to perform best for those with strong creatives and a clear call to action.

TikTok has always touted the effectiveness of creator content and UGC in their Spark Ads, which are the platform’s version of a traditional video ad. In fact, Spark Ads featuring UGC and creator content see higher completion rates, engagement rates, and conversions than non-Spark ads. This is likely due to the fact that these ads feel less like ads and more like a natural part of the For You feed experience.

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