How to Get Started With a Solar Panel Affiliate Program

How to Get Started With a Solar Panel Affiliate Program

A solar panel affiliate program is a way to earn commissions by referring visitors to a specific company that sells renewable energy products. These companies often use referral programs to boost their growth and market their products to a targeted audience.

One of the most popular green companies to partner with as a solar affiliate is Solar Direct. They offer a wide range of renewable energy products for residential and commercial purposes, including home battery backup systems and solar IP security cameras.

Another cleantech brand that offers a solar-friendly affiliate program is BioLite Energy. They offer a variety of alternative energy solutions for all your power needs, and their products have average order values of $175.

There are many solar companies that focus on portable solar equipment, which can be a great match for content creators with an audience of digital nomads, backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, van life lovers, or adventure seekers. These types of audiences often have a high level of tech-savvy and are looking to take their mobile lifestyles to the next level.

How to Make Money with a Solar Panel Affiliate Program

These brands offer a variety of affiliate programs and are ideal for digital marketers who want to get into the solar power industry and generate revenue while supporting a good cause. Some of these companies even have referral programs that reward existing customers for spreading the word about their brand.

For example, if you were to refer a customer to SunPower, they’d pay you $75 per confirmed appointment sent via your affiliate links. This would mean that if your referred customer booked 14 appointments in a month, you’d net about US$1,000.

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