Meat Grinder Plates – Stainless Steel

Meat Grinder Plates – Stainless Steel

If you’re a sausage maker and plan to grind your own meat, having the right grinder plates and knives is important. Grinders have different sized holes that impact how fine or coarse your sausage mince will be. Meat grinder plates also impact the texture of your final product. Grinders are available in manual or electric models. Deciding which one to get is largely based on how much you’ll be grinding and the frequency of use. If you will be making 30 pounds or more on a regular basis look for a high capacity grinder.

What is the diameter of a #12 meat grinder plate?

Stainless steel grinder plates are dishwasher safe and can last up to three times as long as carbon steel parts. They can be kept rust free by keeping them dry and occasionally even coating them with a thin layer of oil. Carbon steel parts are not dishwasher safe and require regular cleaning and lubrication to prevent rusting.

Most of our grinder plates are reversible and can be used on either side of the grinder. If the unused side of the plate becomes dull you can simply switch over to the new knife and continue grinding. This is a better way to save money on replacements than buying a new set of knives each time your old ones become dull.

Always make sure that the plates and blade are completely cold before you start mincing. This will keep the fat and meat from turning into a slushy mess. The best way to do this is to put them in the freezer for 20 minutes before you use them.

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