The Toys Shop Hungary

The Toys Shop Hungary


The toys shop igracke are filled with items that make you nostalgic for childhood or just want to buy something cool and unique. The store sells everything from the latest must-have craze to toys that have stood the test of time. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful for any questions you may have.

While most of the toys in this family-owned store are European, they also have a selection of American brands. The store has a strong focus on educational toys and games that teach kids social skills and motor skills. The toys shop is also a great place to purchase birthday or holiday gifts for children and grandchildren.

Playtime Paradise: Must-Visit Toy Shops in Hungary

REGIO JATEK Kft is Hungary’s market leader of the traditional retail toy industry. The company was founded in the 1980s and started as a small wholesale toy business. It later became a full-fledged toy retailer and started expanding its retail network. In 2014 the company purchased the Gulliver and Bambini toy chains, making it a dominant player in the traditional toy market.

One of the biggest challenges for expats moving to a new country is finding a good toy store that caters to children of all ages. Especially in a country where everything is in Hungarian and not many shopkeepers speak English.

This fiercely proud local toy store is positively packed with awe and wonder. There are toys to suit all ages, from modern to collectible and from jigsaws to GI Joe to bath toys and books. It even offers a ‘try before you buy’ policy for all items.

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