What is Wine Racking?

What is Wine Racking?

what is wine racking

What is wine racking?

Racking is the process of moving new wine from one container to another. It is a simple, yet very important part of the winemaking process.

What is wine racking is often used in conjunction with fermentation and is a crucial step of any winemaker’s job. It helps with a variety of different things, from helping the wine clear to removing unwanted sediments and flavors.

There are two types of racking: quiet and splash.

Quiet racking uses tools that can be submerged in the wine. This method is preferred by most winemakers and should be considered for any winemaker who wants to avoid any noise in their cellar or production facility.

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Splash racking is also possible, but it is not ideal. This is generally done for red wines after the secondary fermentation has completed and is a way to get rid of any fine lees that might have built up while the wine was in the barrel.

Depending on how the wine is being aged it may need to be racked several times. This is to help it clear and keep it from picking up sur lie flavors, which are the oak aromas that can develop over time.

It should be a last step before the wine is transferred to the tank for settling and bottling. It is a necessary and important step in the winemaking process and should be carried out with care. This will ensure that the wine is clear and tastes as good as it can.

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