Yoga Nidra Sessions

Yoga Nidra Sessions

Yoga Nidra Sessions  is a guided meditation that uses body sensing, breath awareness and guided imagery to take you through each level of your being, called the koshas. This practice allows your body to enter its healing state, and rejuvenate itself at a deep core level.

This practice is designed to promote deep rest and relaxation that is often not achieved through other types of yoga. It also helps to calm the nervous system and increase cognition. This practice is very beneficial for people suffering from insomnia or poor sleep quality as it can help them to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Journey to Deep Relaxation: Exploring the Bliss of Yoga Nidra Sessions

The first phase of the yoga nidra process is based around establishing a state of receptivity within the subconscious mind. This is accomplished through a mental affirmation known as a Sankalpa, which is repeated three times with full determination and devotion. This provides a mechanism for the body to disconnect from experiences that would normally be emotionally arousing, which is necessary to reach the passive state of yoga nidra.

In the next stage of yoga nidra, the practitioner is encouraged to focus attention on different areas of the body in order to relax each area in turn. This is sometimes done with the assistance of a yoga teacher, who will use visualization techniques to help students experience different sensations in their bodies. For example, the teacher may ask the student to feel a sensation of coldness followed by feelings of warmth, or of pain in their arms followed by the sensation of being held.

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