UK Investment Apps

UK Investment Apps

The best day trading apps let you invest your money online – in shares, funds, property, cryptocurrencies and more. They’re simple to use, with a great selection of assets and competitive fees. Some are regulated by the FCA and others by the FSCS.

Some investment apps make it easy to buy and sell stocks, while others provide a more passive approach. Plum, for example, looks at what you can afford to invest and then picks out an area of investing that might interest you. It then automatically buys the right shares for you, at the right price – it’s hands-off, but can still do better than cash savings alone. And at PS12 a year it’s a cheap way to get started.

Other apps specialise in particular asset classes, like eToro and XTB. They have a massive choice of shares on offer – not just from the London Stock Exchange but also global markets. It’s important to choose an app that offers a good range of assets, so you can diversify and reduce your risk.

Investing on the Go: Top Investment Apps Tailored for UK Investors

Nutmeg and IG are both popular robo-advisers. They’ll take into account your investing savviness, strategy and attitude to risk to recommend an appropriate portfolio. Alternatively you can build your own using the wide choice of tracker funds, ETFs, ETCs and US stocks available.

When choosing a uk investment app, it’s important to read the fine print. Look for a provider that’s FCA authorised and regulated and backed by the FSCS, which protects your investments up to PS85,000.

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